I'm on vacation, bitchez.

Dear friends in the computer,

It was so nice to see so many of you at ALA last weekend. (I was even visited by a fabulous librarian who loves this blog and recommends it to all her friends. I have FANS, people!)

I spent my conference standing, schmoozing, attending sessions, standing, working signings in the booth, standing, stealing handfuls of goodies from the snack bag under the booth, standing, and standing. I also spent a goodly amount of time dealing with other things in my life that are not work-related but nonetheless selfishly occupy large portions of my brain.

The demands of my triple obligations -- work, church, and school (and oh yes, I have two children, too; forgot about them) -- are starting to catch up with me. When I find myself fretting that I haven't had time to read and haven't been able to update the blog, I know something has gone terribly monkey with my priorities.

So. It is summer. A perfect time to take a bloggy vacation, I say -- and so I shall. I will still post when I feel like it, and/or when I have the opportunity, but I will not kill myself trying to maintain the M-W-F posting schedule (which I'm guessing I'm the only one who notices/cares about anyway).

Have a lurvely summer, y'all.