The Wand in the Word: Review Haiku

Fantasy writers
sound off on craft, childhoods.
Great read, but for kids?

The Wand in the Word: Conversations with Writers of Fantasy by Leonard Marcus. Candlewick, 2006, 202 pages.

A Cybils nominee.


Chris Barton said...

Excellent question -- it had never occurred to me that Leonard Marcus' work would appeal to kids, though I think The Wand in the Word has a better shot than most, assuming the the kids in question are fantasy fans.

That said, I love his work and think he's got one of the coolest jobs in the universe. I'm so glad that someone is doing what he's doing.

Unknown said...

Great haiku! I loved this book and thought that the book would have a lot of appeal to kids who are fantasy fans. I think that many teens and tweens are fascinated by information about their favorite authors. I also thought the book would be inspirational to young aspiring writers.

EM said...

I agree with you both: there is appeal here for older fantasy fans (say, 8th grade and up), but that seems like a small niche. Reading this between Kathleen Krull's Isaac Newton and Russell Freedman's Freedom Walkers just made that "not quite for kids" angle a bit starker for me.

(And yes, Marcus does have a wicked cool job.)

Erin said...

Maybe not kids, but I'm a teen and I loved it!