I Am the Cheese: Review Haiku

Cormier, master
of intrigue: gives new meaning
to, "Cheese it! The Feds!"

I Am the Cheese by Robert Cormier. Dell, 1977, 221 pages.

#13 on The LIST.


Anonymous said...

how does this book end?
first reading: thought I got it
second reading: nope

EM said...

I confess I was kinda clueless, too. I decided the feds killed Mom and Dad because it was too risky to keep them hidden, and then kept/brainwashed Adam to make sure he couldn't blow the whistle on the failed protection program. So Adam keeps reliving his escape as they mess with his mind more and more to keep him "safe" for their purposes.

But I could be totally wrong. Anybody out there got a better idea?

ElsKushner said...

I think at the end they're going to kill him, since after three attempts at interrogation he still doesn't remember anything useful to them.

Okay,I just checked Sparknotes and they say that Gray worked with the witness protection program, but was corrupt and also connected with whatever organization Adam's dad testified against, and killed Adam's parents because he thought they were withholding information, which he then tried to get out of Adam via Brint. That squares with what I remember of it (though it's been a long time since I read it. I mainly remember the ending and how creepy it was.)

here's the link: