Reading reading reading

I'm not doing a lot of posting lately, because I am in the thick of Cybils judging, and we're not supposed to blog about the books until the winner is announced. But I did install a schmancy new widget to the right (thanks, Anne and SmartLinks!).

We are still on a high around here about our Geisel Honor Book, Hello, Bumblebee Bat by Darrin Lunde and Pat Wynne. And I am sharing the Mo-love, celebrating the Middle Ages, and psyched at the Caldecott committee's chutzpah for upending expectations. I am also a total dork on the Printz.

Fuse's recap is (er, recaps are) finally up, btw. (Not that I am holding Fuse to the fire for delayed posting. I am one to talk, first off, and second, I'm pretty sure fuses are explosive.)

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