Iodine: Review Haiku

My head is spinning
and I think I need a shower.
Sorry, Haven.

Iodine by Haven Kimmel. Free Press, 2008, 223 pages.


Melody said...

So was this just ... ugh? It's been on my (very extensive) to-read list for a while, but based on your haiku, I'm tempted to skip it.

EM said...

I wouldn't say it's a definite NOT read -- the reviews, both in journals and online, are almost all positive. But it was definitely the wrong book at the wrong time for me: a languid, off-balance look at mental illness and psychological trauma was not what I needed in a post-holiday, pre-school stress-filled period where my reading time is pretty limited.

Melody said...

Ooh, yeah, mental illness and trauma is a definite bummer after the holidays. Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

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