One False Note and The Sword Thief: Review Haiku

The clues fly fast and
furious: a convoluted,
high-stakes muddle.

One False Note: 39 Clues #2 by Gordon Korman. Scholastic, 2008, 174 pages.
The Sword Thief: 39 Clues #3 by Peter Lerangis. Scholastic, 2009, 160 pages.


Bethany Grace said...

I have been a little skeptical about this series, which is why I have yet to read it...and muddle is not encouraging.

EM said...

It reminds me in some ways of CHASING VERMEER (so! many! random! coincidences!) but it's more of a "David Baldacci for fourth graders" thing. I like them, but in the same way I like Janet Evanovich -- good, mindless fun for an hour or so.

Bethany Grace said...

Oh, ok. That's good for those younger readers! And you have to have little mindless fun every once in a while, right?...