The Accidental Billionaires: Review Haiku

A whole lotta drama
just to bring us Mafia
Wars and Farmville.

P.S. Could someone pls proofread this book? And could someone from Harvard pls read it?
  • Page 15: Mark lives in Eliot. Page 17: Mark lives in Kirkland. (Hint: They are not the same house.)
  • Page 64: If you are standing on the Widener steps, you can't "just make out the peak of Memorial Church in the distance," because it is RIGHT IN FRAKKING FRONT OF YOU.
  • Page 80: Aaron Greenspan becomes Aaron Grossman within two LINES of each other, then reverts to Aaron Greenspan on the following page.
  • Page 115: There are no "three-one"s at the law school; there are only "3L"s. (As in "Law," get it? Could you not read your handwritten notes?)
  • Page 235: OMG the president of Harvard does NOT hand out rolled-up diplomas and read out names at Commencement. BEN, YOU WENT TO HARVARD. YOU KNOW THIS.

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