Happy Blogiversary to Me: Birthday Haiku

FOUR! How I wish
"Blogiversary" didn't sound
like "Blagojevich."

In my fourth year of blogging I wrote 164 entries (most of those = books read) and found a much saner blog/life balance by switching to posting only three days a week. I started paying attention to typos (21 books) and sloppy page design (13 entries; widows, I am looking at you). I abandoned The LIST, to my great relief (Tocqueville and Joyce, I hardly knew ye).

By the numbers (which don't all add up to the same total; so sue me)
Audience: Split fairly evenly among adult (46/30%), YA (48/31%), and middle-grade (59/39%).
Veracity: Much more fiction (106/73%) than nonfiction (40/27%).
Reaction: I loved several (33/22%), liked many (95/65%), was meh about a few (18/12%), and only hated one (1/1%).

Onward and upward. Er, onward, anyway.

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Melissa said...

Happy blogoversary!! Four years is quite an achievement. (And a lot of haikus.)