Just like graffiti

I decided enter the Web 2.0 revolution and start tagging my posts. I'm not wild about the way they look -- those huge white panels on an otherwise lovely page -- but I can't seem to change the color.

The tags are pretty basic and may not be interesting to anyone but me, but it's amusing, at least, to note that I've read almost twice as many MG/YA books (126 combined) as adult books (75), and three times as much fiction (142) as nonfiction (49). I've loved way more books (35) than I hated (10), but when you add in the books I was just meh about (26), the two reactions are equivalent.

Just about ready to abandon The Iliad, by the way . . . I just don't have the stomach for thousands of lines of disemboweling and eyeball-stabbing, I guess. I'll keep trying for another couple books.

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