Where have you been, young lady

What I've been doing in the last week that is not blogging:

  • Escorting the Munchkin to preschool
  • Overseeing two seven-hour portrait sessions for the new photo directory at church
  • Presiding over a board meeting
  • Starting but not having time to finish Three Bags Full
  • Proofreading for money
  • Visiting the Boston Children's Museum, which is made of awesome
  • Listening to William Golding read Lord of the Flies in a terribly amusing British accent
  • Entertaining my visiting parents
  • Watching the Red Sox assume their destiny of September suckage (P.S. Yankees suck)
  • Messing up a Christmas order with BN.com and swearing repeatedly in several colorful languages when their "customer service" options are entirely unhelpful (P.S. I hate you, BN.com, so no link to you)

It's weeks like these that make me question my decision to create a blog of book reviews, since its very existence is dependent on my having time to read. More soon, really.


Anonymous said...


You read and reviewed SO MANY BOOKS that you should consider yourself perpetually rich in "GetOutOfPostingGuiltFree" coupons. Seriously.

who concurs with your feelings about the Yankees

Anonymous said...

Emily - I read your blog as a librarian, but I must say, as a Red Sox fan I FEEL YOUR PAIN. It is very hard to remind myself that we're still well above .500 in the month of September and that we just need to get through the next two weeks. After last year especially, I have a fear of meltdown. Once we have Youk and Manny back, everything will be fine...