Where have you been, young lady

Currently in the middle of Pippi Longstocking and Sweethearts and enjoying both.

BUT -- my reading time is severely limited, as I'm getting ready to attend a writers' conference here next weekend. I'll be critiquing manuscripts and talking about narrative voice, and apparently I may be thrown into a horrifying First Pages situation on Friday night. So instead of reading this week, I have been writing and rewriting and revising and throwing out whole pages of stuff I previously thought was good. (How do you writer people do this all the time?) Plus I wrote sixteen rejection letters yesterday; typically I can't do more than a dozen before turning into Super Cranky Unhelpful Editor, so apologies to those authors who'll be getting letters from me in the next few days. I didn't mean it.*

Anyway. I'll resurface at some point -- with any luck, rejuvenated from a whole weekend sans bebes. (Sorry, honey.)

*Well, I did mean it. But I meant it more nicely than I said it.

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