So. Tired.

Spent the weekend at home in the good old Midwest, co-chairing my high school reunion (go, Rocks!) and hosting a children's-book-themed baby shower for my sister, at which she received the full Triumvirate of Mediocrity, some in multiple copies.

Am busy editing and coding reunion website and writing essays and designing a newsletter, so have not been reading. Started Little Women; started Minders of Make-Believe; still slogging through Huck Finn (which isn't on The LIST but should've been).

Will have a couple make-up posts soon, but otherwise, I'm on a break. Happy end of summer.


Anonymous said...

SLOGGING through Huck Finn?
Say it ain't so, Emily.
Twain's funny and great.

Anonymous said...

You have little kids,
and plan reunions/showers.
I feel like a sloth.

EM said...

All 19th-century lit is a bit sloggish for me, alas -- though Huck is better than most, because at least he's funny. But I'm at the point where Tom Sawyer shows up at the Phelps', and it's suddenly a different book. (Plus, I'm listening to it, so that makes finding time harder. Thank you, Massachusetts State Police, for not arresting me for driving with one earbud in!)