Silver linings

So the Sox blew it and my Magical Uterus Theory has yet to be unproven, consarnit.* Still, I take comfort in a few things:

1. No more cowbell.
2. No more TBS yahoos saying "OR-tihz" like gigantic asshats. (Dude, if you are a baseball announcer and cannot pronounce common Latino surnames, you need a new line of work.)
3. We can sleep again.
4. Manny isn't going to the Series either.
5. Did I mention we can sleep again?

* Thanks, Betsy, for reviving my linguistic interest in Yosemite Sam.

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david elzey said...

Seriously, in re #2, TBS had to have some of the worst baseball announcers ever. And some of the worst camera work. And some of the worst technical direction. They'd be yammering away about something, and the camera would be on something else, so then they'd try and cut to the thing the guys are talking about, but they moved onto another topic, so they just kept bouncing around.

Despite being a member of Red Sox Nation, I was actually rooting for them to win so no one else would be subject to the cowbells. Cowbells? In Florida? What the heck? I feel sorry for Phillies fans, and anyone else who watches the World Series. I, like you, will return to sleeping instead.