2008 by the Numbers

My fairly unscientific tally of books read for the year (not counting picture books unless reviewed here, which is rare, and not counting 50 issues each of Newsweek and Entertainment Weekly and 12 issues each of Redbook and Real Simple and the odd newsstand copy of such enlightened trash as Us Weekly and In Touch):

[drum roll]

137 books read.

Not bad. Not my best, which I think was 150 in 2005, but still, a decent showing. My posts increased to 192 this year, after 171 last year, so that's an improvement (to me, at least).

Here's to a wonderful 2009, despite the craphole that is the current economy.

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ElsKushner said...

Wow! Impressive! (I'm just gonna scrape by with 100 (not counting picture books and the New Yorker) if I can finish Debbie Harry Sings in French by tonight.)

Happy New Year!