Going Away Shoes: Review Haiku

Small-town women trapped
in various boxes try
to escape, but don't.

Going Away Shoes: Stories by Jill McCorkle. Algonquin, 2009, 272 pages.


Barbara O'Connor said...

Oh, I LOVE Jill McCorkle! I'm so glad to see this.

RainnaE said...

Hello Emily,
I am an intern at Simon & Schuster in the children’s department, and I was hoping I could get your mailing address. We would love to be able to send books for possible reviews in your blogs and other promotional information. If you would like to specify what kinds of children's books you prefer, I will happily make a note of it for you. My email address is Rainna.Erikson@simonandschuster.com.
Sincerely, Rainna Erikson
Publicity Intern
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
(212) 698-1228

EM said...

Hi, Rainna (and any other publicity folks out there),

Because of my day job (senior editor at Charlesbridge), I don't accept review copies. It feels all squishy and conflict-of-interest-y and, since I can swipe from booths at ALA and such, unnecessary.

Thanks for asking, though!