Max Quigley: Review Haiku

value, I'm sure, but I
just didn't like him.

Max Quigley: (Technically) Not a Bully by James Roy. HMCo, 2009, 202 pages.


Debby said...

Never heard of it.
But the cover seems to scream
Wimpy Kid knockoff.

Karen K. said...

Debby, my thoughts exactly. And I am so ambivalent about Wimpy Kid, why do we need knockoffs? Though to be fair, it could be the publisher's decision, not the writer's. Still no desire to run out and read it though.

EM said...

Apparently this is an import, pub'd elsewhere (Aus?) before WIMPY, but definitely brought in as a read-alike. Fuse has the scoop (and she liked it): http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/blog/1790000379/post/1010046301.html