So how I'd do?

Sometimes having front-runners is a great thing. Back in September I made some predictions about this year's ALA Awards, and my prognosticating skillz were not too shabby.

SWISH: Picked the Newbery winner and two of the honor books; Caldecott winner and one of the honor books; Sibert honor (w00t Day-Glo!); and the Printz winner (well, I thought it would be an honor).

BRICK: Expected Marcelo and Wintergirls to score some Printz love, too.

Congratulations to all the winners (and their fabulous editors and art directors!)

1 comment:

Debby G said...

Color me impressed.
Too bad you can't bet money
on these. You'd clean up.

I'm ecstatic for
When You Reach Me! But bummed that
Wintergirls got robbed.