Vacation roundup: by the numbers

Books read: 4 2/3*
Pages read: 1628*
Countries visited: 2
Cities visited: 3
Train trips taken: 3
Public transportation trips stolen: 10? 15?**
Cups of kaffee mit schlag consumed: eighty bazillion
Plates of wiener schnitzel consumed: um, four? It's really good.

* Includes Anna Karenina, or as I prefer to call it, Anna Friggin' Karenina, which I'm still reading. Yet another example of why I did not study 19th-century literature in college: its and my temperaments are diametrically opposed.
** Seriously. We bought subway/tram tickets the first couple times, but there is no requirement (nor means) to insert/punch/validate/show a ticket for public transportation in either Austria or Germany. There are some benefits to quasi-socialism . . .


Anonymous said...

Mmmm. Kaffee mit schlag...und kuchen?

EM said...

Sacher torte und krapfen, naturlich!