Vacation roundup, Disney edition

Took the Munchkin to the Happiest Place on Earth this weekend. (Left the Boy at home with grandparents, thank God.) Despite my general Disney meh-ness, had a great time -- those Mouse people really do think of everything.

Came back to at least two flaming crises, six overdue projects, two loads of laundry, and a partridge in a pear tree.

By the numbers
Us Weekly issues read: 2 (Shut up. I only buy it at the airport. Really.)
Chapters of A Tale of Two Cities read: 6 (sorry, Leila)
Pages of various coloring and/or activity books colored and/or . . . activated: eleventy billion
Anticipated book-reading to be done in the next, oh, six weeks or so: nil

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Anonymous said...

Mom did the laundry today, btw.